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I told her to wear red so that I would recognise her. One girl in red came looking for someone.We have all have experienced a date that has gone horribly wrong at some point. I ordered Bengali fish starters for us thinking I will impress her, but my heart sank the moment she screamed in horror seeing that fish in her plate. Things got too embarrassing when she announced that she is also a vegan. I didn’t know where to look. I excitedly asked her when we would meet next and she said that this date was meant for her twin sister, who was unwell. I felt so lost and uncomfortable. After that experience I always asked the girl whether she is vegetarian or non-vegetarian before ordering food!Laksh Lalwani: "Once in college, I decided to go on a blind date with a friend of a friend. That’s when I realised the person who was China Wholesale aquarium water pump sitting with me for one hour was not the one with whom the date was fixed. We discussed everything under the sun for an hour. Seeing me sitting alone she joined me. Some have been kind enough to recount that for us. Our telly stars, too have had their share of strange dates. I was so embarrassed. After that experience, I always remove the price tag of every dress I buy quickly. I can never get over that bizarre experience. We spoke about sports, food and fitness over coffee and snacks..Jyotsna Chandola: The first time I went on a date, I was super-excited and in that hullabaloo, I forgot to cut the price tag of my new dress out. I fought with the friend who fixed the date.Krrip Kapur Suri: I went on a date once and the woman was a vegetarian. She turned up and we had a gala time over coffee. While we move on in life, the memory of that unlikely date still brings a smile on our faces.Mrunal Jain: Once I had fixed up a blind date with a college classmate through a common friend. My date saw it and thought I was trying to flaunt the price. I didn’t know that and I assumed she is a die-hard non-vegetarian, as she was Bengali. I went and sat in the cafe

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